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First Tuesday

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Back in 1998 I read a lot about First Tuesday, and I finally got there last night 10 years later.

They are still using colour lanyards: Green = entrepreneurs Yellow = Service Providers Red = Investors, however, they were trialing a new web 2.0 mobile networking device provided by The idea sounds like a good one – you can look up who is at an event, connect with them and then arrange to meet them at a meeting point. In reality, the tech was not quite there yet, perhaps more web 3 than web 2.

First Tuesday attracts an interesting mix of people – the original First Tuesday founder Julie Meyer was there as was the founder of Multimap, Sean Phelan. Sean had some great advice on how to build a web business in a downturn, revealing that Multimap focused on its business to business channel in 2001/2002 when web advertising virtually disappeared as a revenue stream. This enabled Multimap to build a client base with little competition from other suppliers and then come out of the downturn in a strong position and build its consumer advertising model.

All in all a great evening and not bad value at £20 with a couple of glasses of wine thrown in.

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