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Come and have a look at our new Data Room

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
We are very excited to announce the launch of our new data room product. You can see an example here:
You can see the full feature list below. If you would like a demo please get in touch on 020 3086 8279
estatecreate supports a broad range of template designs. We offer a free template that has a standard layout overlaid with your branding. Our charges for implementing bespoke templates vary according to the complexity of the design.
estatecreate is a highly flexible platform. It is possible to add, delete and change page names.
Secure access
Each page has the option to be password protected.
Property Portfolios
It is also possible to have pages outside the navigation. This enables you to create additional pages for properties within a portfolio.
Secure sites
Setting up a secure site is very straightforward. Once you have decided which pages you want password protected, you can choose to either lock down sites and pre register users or ask each user to register. Registration is very flexible and allows you to add unlimited fields and select which are mandatory.
Setting up a secure site allows you to monitor who is accessing the site. Our reporting allows you to monitor the following by user:
· Number of logins
· First/last login
· Documents downloaded
As well as all the details that you request in the flexible registration form.
Editing sites
There is a “Change Data” option, which allows you to edit sites yourselves. The sites are very simple to edit, you just click on the item you want to change.
Adding editors
It is possible to add editors from the administration section. Editors then login and only see sites that have been allocated to them.
SEO & Analytics
Adding a site description and meta tags is simple. There is a form that is easy to fill in which automatically updates the site once the site is published.
The form also allows you to add your analytics code to a site.
Domain names
estatecreate has an API with Our standard service allows you to publish sites to .com addresses.
We can also take over one of your own sub-domains. Once we have set this up it will allow you to publish sites to that domain.