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Secure PDFs: stop people sharing your instructions

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

estatecreate has introduced the ability to encrypt PDFs when they are added to a site. This allows you to:

  • Give automatic access to people you select;
  • Revoke reader access at your discretion;
  • Prevent readers passing unlocked documents to unauthorised individuals;
  • Stop readers distributing hard copies by watermarking the document with your logo and the reader’s email address.
Secure PDF

Encrypting PDFs gives you improved tracking

Encrypted PDFs allow you to track:

  • Opens – number of times a document is opened;
  • Duration – how long readers keep a document opened;
  • Page Views – which pages readers view;
  • Page Duration – how long readers spend on each page.
How do I get this functionality?
Encrypted PDFs are included as an option when we set a site up for you. There is no additional charge.