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Do you really need a designed brochure?

Friday, November 4th, 2011

We have done some research with investment agents on the benefits of creating a designed pdf brochure versus leading marketing campaigns with a website and data room. Here are some of the contrasting benefits that came out of our interviews:-

Designed brochure

- Design. Bespoke look and feel.

- Physical. Great looking physical product to take to meetings.

- Post. Clients get too much email.

- Budget. You have one so use it.

Website / Data Room

- Speed to market. Sites are much quicker to put together. Can edit content in house.

- Flexibility. Update content after the start of the marketing process.

- Organistaion. Central repository of supporting documentation reduces email traffic and improves communiaction.

- Tracking. Knowing who is downloading documentation gives the ability to focus on most active potential investors.

- Reporting. Keeps clients updated with effectiveness of your marketing.

- Cost. You can get a site and templated pdf brochure for under £500. Spend your clients money on something else.

Not convinced and want to be persuaded? Send us over a recent brochure and we will mock up a website and data room for you.

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