How Else Could our Microsites and Data Rooms Save you Time and Money?

Our goal at Estatecreate has always been to help commercial surveyors sell property faster.

So we’re best known in the industry for our data room and microsite services to support the sale of commercial investment properties.

Our 24-hour turnaround on micro-sites means we can get a commercial property to market faster than anyone else. And our secure data rooms are the most efficient and convenient way to share documents, communicate with investors and learn where to channel marketing efforts.

But over the years, people have asked if they can use our services for a whole host of other purposes.

Honestly, some of these we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves. But it makes sense. When you can get a great looking site live at the drop of a hat, and combine this with the secure data room technology – well, there are all sorts of applications.

Here are some of the most popular alternative uses for our services:

Funding Opportunities

A beautiful site to showcase your project and an easy way to keep an eye on which investors are showing interest.

RFPs/Request for Tender 

Layout bidding terms and criteria. Allow bidders to upload their bids to the site up to the bid deadline.

Planning Consultation

A simple way to present the consultation, and make all required documents available to all relevant parties. Allow all interested parties to post feedback onto the site and publish FAQs throughout the process.

New Home Sites, incl. PRS

Our sites have been specially designed to showcase commercial property in the most effective way. But they work really well for residential new home developments as well. We can also work with your software supplier to manage availability and provide an online application process.

Managing Portfolios

Our sites are also used to manage large portfolios. The sites can be used for sharing key files, managing contact information and tracking lease renewal dates.


One last thing. This is by no means an exclusive list. If you’ve got an idea for how our sites and data rooms could help your workflow, please do get in touch as we are always interested in how we can develop our service further to meet a market need.

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