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Will Heathrow expansion plans have an effect on London property prices?

Thursday, January 15th, 2009
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This morning it looks like the extension to Heathrow will go ahead. The economic argument has won over the potential environmental impact. Hardly surprising in the current economic climate.

However, have Londoners fully appreciated the potential effect this will have on the capital? The biggest direct impact on London will be noise pollution. If you have been down to Kew gardens recently you will have noticed that the times that the flight path is in a Easterly direction it is not a very relaxing place to hang out. Planes fly over at what seems like one/minute.

So, with an additional runway situated to the North of the current runways, what will be the effect of new flight paths on noise over London? According to HACAN Clear Skies, this will mean an additional 500 flights over London per day. They have written a consultation paper outlining the potential impact on London – you can read it here. Here is an excerpt from the report:

4. New flight paths
The Government has not provided exact details of the new flight paths in the consultation. But, because planes need to line up with the runway several miles from touchdown, it is clear the new landing flight path will be over:

• Holland Park and High St Kensington;

• the northern parts of Earls Court, Hammersmith and Chiswick;

• Heston.

• To the west, the flight path is likely to be over Maidenhead and Slough.

• There will be new take-off routes over Harrow, Northolt and Paddington

5.  Loss of West London’s half day’s peace and quiet
The ending of runway alternation – where planes landing over West London switch runways at 3pm – will take away the valued half day’s peace and quiet enjoyed by residents in these areas.  This will include removing the half day’s peace and quiet at the National Trust’s property in Osterley.

So, by 2015, there could be large parts of West London directly under the new flight path. Holland Park may not be quite the peaceful place it is today.

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