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The Midas Touch

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Against my better judgement, last week I signed up to The Midas Touch Dragon’s Den Style pitching event at the Business Startup conference at Olympia today.

The five strong panel had some heavy weight business people on it including Jonathan Jay, Chelsea Baker, Brad Rosser, Rachel Elnaugh and Howard Graham. As it was set up in the middle of the conference, it drew quite a crowd, with 50-60 seated and a crowd of onlookers 3 to 4 back around the side.

To add to my nerves, the first two presenters were torn to shreds with the usual Dragon like comments such as “I didn’t understand any of that; I’ve no idea what you were talking about”.

I was up third. I gingerly took the stand, and, thank goodness, my nerves evaporated. All that G2i eleavator pitch training obviously paid off! I fielded a few tough questions, but generally received a good response. Even so, I can not say it has persuaded me to apply for the real thing.

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