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Will Boxee become the universal EPG?

Friday, January 9th, 2009
BBC iPlayer

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I have been reading about Boxee on Fred Wilson‘s blog but thought it would be focusing solely on the US market. Yesterday I read that it worked with the iPlayer, so I took it for a spin last night.

Boxee is essentially a digital media entertainment hub. It allows you to aggregate all of your digital media from your computer and channels you like on the web in one place. You can then play back through your telly or watch on your computer.

I am a big fan of the iPlayer – I don’t love TV enough to record stuff, but it is great to be able to find something you want to watch when that telly moment comes. Boxee takes this one step further, offering a service which will eventually allow you to watch anything on demand from one place. This feels like the first time that the bridge between the internet and the TV has been built effectively. It will be interesting to see if Boxee ends up being the EPG for the digitally converged living room.

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