Estatecreate for restructuring and accelerated Mergers & Acquisitions.
Data Rooms
Optimise your marketing with beautiful presentation and data insight.

Marketing is a critical step in the lifecycle of a transaction. Presenting the target in the best possible way and engaging buyers while adding efficiency and insight, accelerates the deal process and drives successful outcomes. With Estatecreate you can:

  • Present the deal online with interactive content such as video and dynamic charts
  • Gain insight into how buyers interact with key marketing materials
  • Interact with and engage potential buyers while maintaining total access control

Our data rooms enable you to quickly get your client’s deal to market. If necessary, our team can get your marketing data room up and running within 24 hours.

benefits of our data rooms
safe & secure.
Control distribution of documentation. Sites can be set up in a variety of ways to control and monitor access, including NDAs, watermarking & more. Data Transfer with SSL Connection, AES encrypted with 256-bit key length. No plug-ins needed.
save your team time.
Allow all of your documents to be accessed centrally. Say goodbye to CDs & email bounce backs. Easily update everyone when documents are changed.
get to market more quickly.
We can launch your site within 24 hours* ready for you to start using and if you need changes, we can make them the same day*.
sell property faster.
Shorten the sales cycle by releasing due diligence information in parallel with marketing material. Use the reporting to identify active users of the data room and quickly focus in on serious buyers.
one stop shop.
Use our design team to design your brochure, create a matching site, design property adverts or simply build a email market flyer.
features of our data rooms
advanced reporting.

Track user logins and which documents have been downloaded.

Unlimited pages.

Add as many pages to your site
as you need. No limits.


Save time by dragging and dropping files to add them to the data room. If you are out of the office we will add them for you.


Private Pages, Online Registration, Access by Approval, Online NDAs.


Give access to your clients to change pages or add documents.


Clients can access sites from any device, including mobile or tablet.


You can set your PDFs to view only so they can’t be downloaded.


Add users’ details to PDFs to prevent unauthorised sharing.


Easily manage the timing and frequency of when users are updated about new documents.

Interactive Charts.

Present interactive data charts and allow investors to select their preferred data view. Easy plugins to services such as Tableau.


Use our app to approve users, see who is taking an interest and send out updates while you are out and about.


Our brochure matching service can extend your brochure design to your microsite and data room.