VR Wars

Virtual viewings, imaginary cities and interior mapping. Virtual Reality is here and it’s going to change the way we sell property. Irish Estate Agents Sherry Fitzgerald have already invested in VR headsets to offer their clients virtual walkthroughs, and it’s not unfeasible to imagine this becoming an integral part of the sales process in the next five years. For surveyors, the possibilities to showcase property to international clients, or to create visualisations of potential developments sites are tantalising.

We’ve put together a look at the frontrunners in the VR Wars. It’s a mind-boggling showcase of what’s already possible.

Project Tango

Google are mapping our interior world. With just a tablet.

Studio 216

This Seattle based company are using Occulus Rift to showcase unbuilt property. Potential buyers don’t just have the opportunity to see the building as it will look. They can offer feedback to make it even better.

Cityscape Digital

Visualising Cityscapes before they are built. The Battersea Power Station visualisation allowed surveyors to showcase the site to potential buyers long before completion.

For a quick view on how VR might have an effect on digital marketing, see this infographic by the ever-prolific James Dearsley. 

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