5 property email marketing tips

Most of our clients use email as one of their main channels for marketing our website and data rooms. Here are five key things to get right when launching a campaign:

1. When to send
The number of people opening an email varies enormously depending on the time of day and day of the week.

estatecreate tip: In our experience, Tuesday mornings are your best bet.

2. Manage data
Your email campaign is only going to be as good as your email list. Constantly collect data, clean your list and update email addresses.

estatecreate tip: We can automatically update your database with new contacts that register with your data room.

3. Get in the Inbox
Spam filters can seriously damage your email campaign. Make sure you are using an email marketing tool. Good ones stay on whitelists and off blacklists.

estatecreate tip: We can help set you up with Mailchimp. It is very easy to use, integrates with estatecreate and is free for less than 1,500 addresses.

4. On the move
We find that around 30% of people are on the move when they pick up their email. Make sure they can read what you are sending them on their phone otherwise by the time they get back to the office they may have forgotten about you.

estatecreate tip: Use our mobile friendly sites

CBRE mobile template
5. Measure

Last but not least, you want to know who is interested so that you can follow up.

estatecreate tip: We can give you a single view of who is opening your emails, when they are logging into your data room and what documents they are downloading.

I hope you found that useful. Please leave feedback in the comments.

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