Another College Writing Agency Is Given a Close Look. Amateur or Profy?

August 31st, 2015

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Paper Composing Service Overview: Expenses and Benefits

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Video case study: Using an estatecreate data room

May 14th, 2013

Where the magic happens

May 14th, 2013


3 best property data room sites from 2012

January 17th, 2013

A belated Happy New Year.

We asked our panel of property investors which of our sites they rated most highly from 2012. estatecreate created over 500 sites last year, these are the ones that stood out:

1. Savills marketing a  hotel in Dublin:

2. BNP Paribas marketing an Investment and Development opportunity

3. HTM O’Reilly marketing an office Investment in Dublin:

Secure PDFs: stop people sharing your instructions

December 5th, 2012

estatecreate has introduced the ability to encrypt PDFs when they are added to a site. This allows you to:

  • Give automatic access to people you select;
  • Revoke reader access at your discretion;
  • Prevent readers passing unlocked documents to unauthorised individuals;
  • Stop readers distributing hard copies by watermarking the document with your logo and the reader’s email address.
Secure PDF

Encrypting PDFs gives you improved tracking

Encrypted PDFs allow you to track:

  • Opens – number of times a document is opened;
  • Duration – how long readers keep a document opened;
  • Page Views – which pages readers view;
  • Page Duration – how long readers spend on each page.
How do I get this functionality?
Encrypted PDFs are included as an option when we set a site up for you. There is no additional charge.

estatecreate Partners with Property Week

November 20th, 2012

We often get enquiries from clients asking us if we have an investor database that they can target in conjunction with our property data rooms. We had a think about who would be an ideal partner and came up with Property Week.

Property Week partners with estatecreate

Property Week is part of UBM Built Environment, so as well as subscriber data they have access to data on delegates from all the events they run such as RESI, SLEEP and many others. You can see a full list here.

As well as access to their database, estatecreate customers can get preferential rates on advertising in Property Week. Please get in touch for more details.

estatecreate Wins RESI’s Next Big Thing

September 18th, 2012


It was with much trepidation that I set off for Celtic Manor last Thursday. estatecreate was one of four companies invited to pitch at RESI’s Next Big Thing.

The format was part Dragons’ Den, part conference. We were given a 4 minute slot to pitch to the audience of 1,000 delegates, followed by a grilling by the Dragons. I am not sure whether my nerves were down to the audience of 1,000 or the Dragon line up of:

  • Bruce Ritchie, chief executive officer and founder, Residential Land
  • Nick Candy, chief executive officer, Candy & Candy
  • John Hitchcox, chair, Yoo
  • Harry Handelsman, chief executive officer, Manhattan Loft Corporation

As with all these type of things, the nerves were worse than the reality and it was a lot of fun. The audience voted by text and the Dragons made the final decision – estatecreate is now officially RESI’s Next Big Thing.

RESI Big Thing

5 property email marketing tips

March 8th, 2012

Most of our clients use email as one of their main channels for marketing our website and data rooms. Here are five key things to get right when launching a campaign:

1. When to send
The number of people opening an email varies enormously depending on the time of day and day of the week.

estatecreate tip: In our experience, Tuesday mornings are your best bet.

2. Manage data
Your email campaign is only going to be as good as your email list. Constantly collect data, clean your list and update email addresses.

estatecreate tip: We can automatically update your database with new contacts that register with your data room.

3. Get in the Inbox
Spam filters can seriously damage your email campaign. Make sure you are using an email marketing tool. Good ones stay on whitelists and off blacklists.

estatecreate tip: We can help set you up with Mailchimp. It is very easy to use, integrates with estatecreate and is free for less than 1,500 addresses.

4. On the move
We find that around 30% of people are on the move when they pick up their email. Make sure they can read what you are sending them on their phone otherwise by the time they get back to the office they may have forgotten about you.

estatecreate tip: Use our mobile friendly sites

CBRE mobile template
5. Measure

Last but not least, you want to know who is interested so that you can follow up.

estatecreate tip: We can give you a single view of who is opening your emails, when they are logging into your data room and what documents they are downloading.

I hope you found that useful. Please leave feedback in the comments.

What are QR codes, and do they have a role in property marketing?

January 9th, 2012

QR codes, or Quick Response Codes are defined as a “two dimensional matrix barcode consisting of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.” You will undoubtedly have come across them either in display advertising or shop windows.

They were originally developed by a subsidiary of Toyota to allow for the tracking of vehicles during the assembly process as the codes can be read at very high speed. Their use is  free of any licence and there are numerous site on the web that provide QR code generators for free, and free QR readers are available to download for most smartphones (see below for links).

They have become increasingly popular in marketing circles as the scanning of a code by a QR enabled smartphone can quickly direct the user to a website, a video, or can even initiate an email or telephone call. The “quick response” saves all the hassle of having to punch in a lengthy URL into your browser, or an address into your email client and allows a print advertiser to get more bangs for their bucks if they can entice the reader into their website or video stream.

They have become widely adopted in the US for the residential market and it is very common to see a sign with a QR code stuck on a lawn outside a property for sale. In the UK the internet chatter amongst residential Estate Agents suggests that they are being enthusiastically embraced and the UK’s leading residential portal Rightmove are now offering QR codes to all their members.

One problem is that as each QR code is unique, a unique sign board has to be created for external marketing. This can be overcome by creating stickers to attach to your existing boards however this being the UK, and with our weather system, there have been complaints that such stickers don’t often stay on the boards for long. Strutt & Parker claim to have nailed this particular problem using sign boards that also have a NFC (near field communication) chip embedded in them.

Looking to overcome this issue is Tag Street, an innovative company who provide a small sign or ”smartboard” that can be tacked on to an Agent’s pole and they only charge on a pay-per-view basis.

It therefore seems that the UK will be following the US in adopting QR codes for residential property but it remains to be seen whether there will be the same enthusiasm for commercial. However given that smartphone adoption is likely to exceed 50% of all mobile phone users in the UK by the end of 2012, and that QR codes are free and an open standard, there is a marketing opportunity here for those who think creatively.

Sources for QR Code generators: Qurify| QR Stuff| OnlineQRlab

QR readers for smartphones: Android| Blackberry| i-phone

Do you really need a designed brochure?

November 4th, 2011

We have done some research with investment agents on the benefits of creating a designed pdf brochure versus leading marketing campaigns with a website and data room. Here are some of the contrasting benefits that came out of our interviews:-

Designed brochure

- Design. Bespoke look and feel.

- Physical. Great looking physical product to take to meetings.

- Post. Clients get too much email.

- Budget. You have one so use it.

Website / Data Room

- Speed to market. Sites are much quicker to put together. Can edit content in house.

- Flexibility. Update content after the start of the marketing process.

- Organistaion. Central repository of supporting documentation reduces email traffic and improves communiaction.

- Tracking. Knowing who is downloading documentation gives the ability to focus on most active potential investors.

- Reporting. Keeps clients updated with effectiveness of your marketing.

- Cost. You can get a site and templated pdf brochure for under £500. Spend your clients money on something else.

Not convinced and want to be persuaded? Send us over a recent brochure and we will mock up a website and data room for you.

Don’t agree? Join the debate in the comments below.